Staging Your Auckland Apartment to Look Its Absolute Best Online


Staging is an important part of your marketing campaign. Having stagers come in to your property prior to photos will ensure your apartment looks at its best for the photos that go online.

We understand that often you are selling a property that may be tenanted and with it not being their own place the furnishings often don’t fit certain areas or the aesthetically it may need freshening up.

We offer this as a free service and come in and clean, tidy and present it to a high standard. For further information, contact Apartment Specialists and we will be happy to help.


Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists. "How do I sell my apartment?" The question I get asked most often.

Now, it is all about having your apartment looking its absolute best online. So that is about using professional photography. And what I'm taking about today is  not about you just paying for professional photography - it is having your Auckland apartment looking in its best light before the photographer gets there because otherwise it is a waste of time.

So, looking at the list of things that I've just come up in the last two days - rather than comparing my own and all that kind of thing - I wanted to look at two apartments that are very similar and can actually be really compared. So again here, you've got one in Harvard and one in Zest. They are investor apartments. They are the ones that a lot of people have difficulty with with tenants.

And now that is not an excuse. You can create a relationship with a tenant. And you will see that, as in regards to the results of professional photography. So both have used professional photography here.

Freehold, two bedrooms, the apartment in Harvard. Eleven photos. Two bedrooms, one bathroom. Two bedrooms, one bathroom. Both exactly the same size. Very similar. Both listed at exactly the same time. So you've got here, Freehold, two bedroom apartment, and the photography- it's professional photography. I mean, the appearance could look better but it doesn't look bad. It's showing the apartment in good light. And how many views has it got? 396.

Now, we then look at Zest which is very similar. Professional photography as you can see by the wide angle lens. But the presentation is shocking to be honest. I mean, if you were an owner, would you want your apartment to look like that? If you are a buyer, what are you thinking? And this is an example where it just doesn't create the same amount of enquiries.

So, it is about creating relationships with the tenants. It is coming in and lightly staging with them - and actually talking with them - and that's a whole conversation in another process. But it is the result that counts. So professional photography is a must. But you are wasting your money if you are taking professional photography of something that does not look good.

So, I guess that is the point that I want to get through today. And you had probably see in the views 286. So from 286 to - how many were there before? Very quickly, my apologies. So, probably about 30% more views. So that's 30% more buyers looking at your apartment.

Thank you for that, I will be now commenting on the third part of this question, Is it a feature or not a feature?


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Staging Your Auckland Apartment to Look Its Absolute Best Online