How to Use a Feature Ad to Sell Your Auckland Apartment

Apartment Specialists Podcast No: 30


Third on the series of questions of owners on "How Do I Sell My Apartments?" - aside from professional photography and putting the apartment in the best light possible, you've got to use feature ad. How important is it and How to Use a Feature Ad to Sell Your Auckland Apartment is a matter that we will dwell on thoroughly in this podcast.


Hi I'm Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists. The third part and the question I get asked all the time is  "How do I sell my apartment?" Online presence, as I say it each time, is so important to sell your Auckland apartment. So, A. You've got to have professional photography; B. The professional photography has to be putting the apartment in the best light; and C. You got to have a feature ad. Now what I mean by that is you pay another $69 on Trade Me. And now that is virtually nothing. And it means that when your apartment is searched for - after those first couple of weeks when it is further down to list - it comes up a lot higher.  So it is an absolute must.

It is kind of like - if you don't have a feature ad - your apartment is going straight to video. As in it is not in the cinemas. No one really knows about it. And the common saying in real estate is that you can't sell a secret. So I will go straight to the point. What I've done is, I have actually got two apartments here that are in the same building. Very similar but one is slightly superior to the other. The slightly superior one is already under contract and it's gone unconditional - I just put it up on Trade Me just purely to show this. And you will see what I mean.

So we've got the first one. It is bigger than most. And you can see both. If you look through - both professional photography, both the same complexes - but one is a feature and one is not. So let's go back to the first one. The photos look great. Now this is a tenanted apartment which you're seeing. We did a lot of work with the tenants and they let us come in. Look around their things. All that kind of thing in order to stage the apartment, it came up great. I won't go through all the photos and bore you. Anyway, let's go to the other one. They were basically put up right after each other so exactly the same time, yesterday morning. Let me look at this one. You see this is a superior one, looking fantastic. This one has got a view.

I prefer this one to the other one. Now, this is the one that is actually already sold. Look at it. Let's look at the views on them both. First one, 374 views. Still very good probably because of the presentation of the photos and it looks really good. Now, second one, 1122. That just says it all. If Trade Me charge $600 to make a feature ad, I would still recommend it purely on those numbers as it's huge. Thank you for listening to this.

Now I hope you understand how important your online presence is. There's a lot more factors that go into it, but these are the basic three things. Professional photography of the Auckland apartment in its best light, and it being a feature ad. Thank you.


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How to Use a Feature Ad to Sell Your Auckland Apartment