Apartment Specialists top 5 posts to watch when buying an apartment

Watch the following blogs that we think will better inform your decision when buying an apartment.

We have listed five incredibly useful posts that tackle the topics every apartment buyer needs to know about.  Here are the posts you must check out prior to purchasing an apartment

1. Don’t Fall into the Trap: Tips on Buying and Selling Auckland Apartments

This podcast explains the necessity of seeking professional advice from both a lawyer and an accountant. When you are buying an apartment you must understand the key documents that are used in property transactions. One good example is the buyer and seller agreement, which is commonly used in Auckland.

2. What are the Benefits of Buying a Leasehold Apartment?

Leasehold apartments are a lot cheaper than freehold. This is very appealing for many people who are looking for rental investment properties or are first time buyers. You can purchase a prime location property for a fraction of the price of a freehold apartment. However, there are certain factors that you must consider before choosing this option.

This podcast sheds light on leasehold apartments in Auckland. Find out if this option is right for your needs and lifestyle.

3. Is it a Good Idea to Buy Leasehold Apartments in Auckland?

An excellent supplement to the above podcast, this article gives an in-depth overview of leasehold properties and provides link to different leasehold resources that every apartment buyers should know about.

Read the article and learn about the differences between freehold and leasehold. Find out the reasons why a leasehold apartment is a good investment; and know what type of buyers will benefit most from leasehold properties.

4. Tips to Buying an Apartment at an Auction

Are you planning to buy an apartment in an auction? There are significant differences between buying a house and an apartment in an auction that you need to know about.  When buying a house you can easily view the whole property and discover its condition. On the other hand, buying an apartment is relatively different, as you need to find out about the whole building and not just the single apartment you are buying.

Podcast number 121 lays out important factors that you should know when buying an apartment at an auction.

5. Why Bank Financing is Not a Good Idea When Buying an Apartment

Is it a wise decision to get bank financing when buying an apartment? This podcast explains the disadvantages of using a bank to finance an apartment. You will also learn why sometimes it is better to choose a broker when buying an apartment in Auckland.

Many banks set various criteria and guidelines when funding apartment purchases. If you are not a high value customer you may have a hard time gaining approval.  Get the full details before applying for finance.

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Apartment Specialists top 5 posts to watch when buying an apartment