Rules to living in an apartment


There are rules when living in an apartment, this is due to living in the same building as others.

The rules come from something called ‘The Unit Titles Act’ (2010) and it means you can’t affect someone’s quiet enjoyment. This includes not making loud noise for others or having lots of dogs or any loud animals.

If you think of it as being respectful to others, then you will be okay


No one likes rules but there are rules when you're living in an apartment complex, because there are other people around you. In the same way, you have got to think about your neighbour when you are living in a house. Although it is just a bit more strict in an apartment. So, when you are going to live in an apartment and in a complex, you need to know and be aware of these rules.

What I am going to do, is actually talk about the main concept, where all these rules are derived from. If you think about this concept, you are basically going to be okay. This concept is in the legislation. It is written in this legislation called the Unit Titles Act.

In this Act, you can't affect someone's quiet enjoyment. You may think, "Well, that sounds a bit weird." Well, obviously when you think about quiet enjoyment, you can't affect somebody's enjoyment of their own place, where they are staying.

So, that comes under having parties, being really noisy. If you are allowed pets, you are probably not going to be allowed a pet that barks all the time. Some do not allow pets. But the ones that do, it still doesn't mean every pets allowed. There is a good chance you can't have five dogs. You cannot have a parakeet that chirps loudly all the time.

You can't have a stereo that plays a lot of bass. Although treble is okay. I mean people are reasonable so you can talk to your neighbours and go, "Hey, I'm going to be having... I've got a few people around tonight. I just thought I'd let you know", and people are going to be fine.

But if you are playing it at 2:00 AM, just like your flatmate would be, then they are not going to be happy and that means you have broken the rules. If you think about that, that one concept that you have got to keep to - you can't affect someone's quiet enjoyment - then you are going to be alright.

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Rules to living in an apartment