Best Time to Sell Apartments: Does it Make a Difference to Sell in Particular Seasons?

Apartment Specialists Podcast No: 148


Does selling an apartment in a particular season make a difference? When is the best time to sell? In this podcast Apartment Specialists answer the following questions and discuss the factors that affect the sale of an apartment. Watch this video and get more insights.


Good day, Andrew Murray from the Apartment Specialists. Does selling in a particular season make a difference? For example, selling an apartment in spring, is that a good time to sell compared to winter. Now with apartments, there is actually no difference. There are times where you should be selling, which we will cover later, but really selling during the season like waiting to the spring,  autumn, or whatever has just completely changed.

There are a few factors that I think are the reason for this. Number one probably is, apartments look the same all year round. The only thing that's changed is maybe there's going to be a few more clouds in the sky with the view.

Number two is, you don't have a garden. A lot of people like to do the improvements in the summer or leading up to the summer when the weather is better. But an apartment is inside, so you can do your renovations any time of the year.

Also, technology, when you think about it, people are looking at apartments online all the time. They do most of their research online and they are actually not going to open homes as much. They will actually get a huge list of apartments and the ones they are actually viewing, maybe only five or six.

The other factor is the learning factor beecause apartments are very different to houses.  This is a big change most people are going through in New Zealand. They have got to learn about body corporates, pre-contractual disclosures, and how to make sure you Are not buying a leaky building, understanding the market because there is so many more apartments on the market than house - it takes longer.

So someone may start looking in spring but may not end up finding apartments, or be comfortable with purchase come winter. There is no difference to sum it up. The time when you don't want to be selling or putting your apartment on the market is very late December.

Now, the reason for that is because in that period, When the lawyers are gearing up to go on holiday, but more so that everybody else is thinking about Christmas shopping. And you just don't have the same people looking for apartments in the last two weeks before Christmas.

Anyway, I hope that helps. Talk to you soon. Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists.


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Best Time to Sell Apartments: Does it Make a Difference to Sell in Particular Seasons?