What is a Building Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC)?


A (CCC) Code of Compliance Certificate is a report that is issued by the Council upon completion of a building and ensures the development has been built to what was consented prior to construction.

This final inspection ensures that all workmanship is reliable, safe and done to a high standard. This is about the structure and not the aesthetics.

Nowadays these are very thoroughly, with the team including façade and the like.


Andrew Murray here from the Apartment Specialists talking about what is a building code of compliance. Now, this is often referred to as a CCC - as a code of compliance certificate.

When an apartment complex is finished, a final inspection is done, this is done by the governing body, as we know it to be the council. They'll go through and check, firstly, that everything that was done by the developer and the construction firm should match to what consent was given. So, before an apartment complex is built, they have to go through a consent process. This is how it's going to be built, and this is how high it is. This is what it's going to be built out of, and this is going to be the cladding - all that kind of thing. The inspection will actually be covering that.

They will also be checking off the workmanship. Making sure that, mostly for us being public, that that code of compliance - such as that issued by the council - means that there's trust and the work said to be done, is done to a very high standard. Unfortunately, as we've all seen in the papers, this hasn't worked how it should be. And due to a lot of developers going bust or dissolving, the council has been the last man standing.

As in there's nobody else to make a claim and so Bay Coporates - which obviously represent the apartment complex,  will then go to court and take on the council, because they issued a code of compliance certificate and they missed important things which resulted in, for example, the most common leaky issues and things like that. But also it could be structural.

Now, the council has learned their lesson and because they've had to pay out - you've just seen the recent one where they've had to pay out about $25,000,000, which is a record. So these inspections to get these code of compliance certificates, are now much more thorough. You'll find that they're now bringing in external consultants, like for example, Façade Engineers. So, that's specifically on the planning and all these kind of things to make sure these certificates are not given out too easily. In the past and I've come across so many situations where I've gone, "How did the council actually pass that?". You've had to wonder did they even check it? Now, the good thing is from the 90s and early 2000s, aAll the mistakes they had made, and now it's so much harder to get that code of compliance certificate. It takes a lot longer, so I suppose the industry has repaired itself.

But the key question is at what date and at what sort of years are these code of compliance certificate. Can you actually trust them? And we'll go look over that in my next podcast around. Can you rely on the code of compliance certificate?

But firstly I'll just briefly cover what they're actually doing. So yes, they're covering the consent that was originally given by the council. For example, how high it could go, you know, all the different things that they had to do to make sure that they met the district plan. Then they're also looking at how it was built and the materials that were used.

Where they used that they said they'd use and all that kind of thing. Hopefully, that lead-in gives you an understanding of what that building code of compliance certificate means, and what I'll do is below there will be an example here of one that you can see for yourself. The next podcast, I'll cover the most important thing is when can you rely on.

Thank you. Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists.

If you have any questions or want to know more about Code of Compliance Certificates, flick me an email at [email protected] or call +6421 424 892 and I'll be happy to answer your queries.

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What is a Building Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC)?