Six Secrets to Finding the Best Auckland Apartment Agent

Selling an apartment is an action that involves deep consideration. Many sellers, especially those who are selling for the first time, realise this once they enter the process of looking for buyers. There are six revealing truths to selling an Auckland apartment and if you act on them, the process becomes a whole lot easier.

Six Secrets to Finding the Best Auckland Apartment Agent

Choosing the right Auckland apartment agent will make a big difference not only in the process but also in the price you will get for your apartment.

So if you are selling, especially in the very competitive Auckland apartment market, how do you choose the best real estate agent? What do you have to consider when determining if an agent is right for you?

Secret #1 Look for Sales with Record Prices

There are agents who are only concerned about closing sales without regard to getting the best price for the owner. There are also those who are giving a stellar performance in order to get record prices. As a seller, it is important to do your own homework and look into the sales records made by the real estate agent. Are the sales above or below market value? Is he/she doing any due diligence to access the right information? That way, you can determine whether the agent is the best person to entrust selling your Auckland apartment.

Secret #2 Insist on a Competitive Method of Sale

The apartment market is different from the housing market. Within the apartment market there is a whole range of apartment complexes.  Apartments come in all different types, layouts and sizes. Depending on the buyers' demographic, the sales method to achieve the highest price varies. How do you know the best sales method to use? Ask to see the record prices in your complex and ask what sales method achieved them. That will give you your answer. If the agent is pitching something other than this, you need to insist on the winning method.

Secret #3 Make Sure all Agents get a Look In

Quite often, another agent will have a buyer that will pay a higher price than the buyer your agent has found. What happens then? You need to make sure that you are in control so that you get the best offer from the whole market.  Make sure your agent not only lets other agents through but that they share commission equally. They should state their intentions to other agents in the ad so that any agent will be motivated to come forward with a buyer.  20%, 30% or even 40% commission is not enough. To get the right buyers through the door all agents must be offered the full buyers’ share of 50%. This way you know 100% that you will get the best offer from the market.

Secret #4 Don’t get Tied Down with an Exclusivity Agreement

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The purpose of an exclusivity agreement is to lock you in for a certain period of time. However, is this really necessary? If the agent works hard and delivers an excellent service that brings in lots of buyers and the best possible price for your apartment, do they need to lock you in? The answer is a resounding no!

If the agent is confident that she/he will be able to deliver the service required, then there is no need to lock you in. If during the process of selling your apartment your agent doesn’t perform, you need to get out of the contract. You should never be tied to an agent who does not deliver top quality service.

Secret #5 Expect a Stress Free Process

Selling an apartment can be stressful especially when you do not know the ins and outs of real estate. Think of the paperwork, the prep, the liaison and negotiation with buyers, and the closing of sales. If you want to hire the best apartment agent, find out if they have a team that advocates a streamline process.

Secret #6 Seek Specialist Expertise

There are agents who specialise in apartments and there are agents who specialise in houses. An agent must be knowledgeable in order to determine the right price for a house or an apartment. An apartment agent must know the history of the building, how the building is being maintained and the valuation and assessment ratings. He/she must be good at liaising with tenants and understanding how to properly market an apartment.  This ensures that the agent conveys the right information and shows the apartment in the best possible light to the buyers to achieve the best price.

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Six Secrets to Finding the Best Auckland Apartment Agent