Key Facts on University Leasehold Apartments

Apartment Specialists Podcast No: 57


This is the fifth podcast about leasehold land in Auckland CBD. This podcast covers the university leasehold apartments, where you can find these apartments, and what these apartments look like.


Andrew Murray, from Apartment Specialists. Today, I'm talking to you about leasehold lands, the Auckland CBD apartment market and the fifth area in the series  - the University area.

There are units built here which are basically apartments for university students. It is called "Uni Lodge" and that's off Anzac Ave down here. You can see up in that little red block and Beach Road. There are 319 apartments here and 2 different complexes. So lets go further, so you can have a look.

So you can see you've got Beach Road here. All of this is Maori leasehold land. This is not the leasehold land we're talking about. If you do want this, go to my first video on leasehold land. Then all these here are freehold except for these two buildings here, which is Uni Lodge. So 319 apartments here are all university stock. And we're going further. You can see them - I call this one a "cake tin" because it kind of looks like that. And there are no balconies or anything like that. And you can see you've got an actual corridor and shared facilities, you've got a movie theatre in there - all kinds of things. Now they're very small. They're a range of very small rooms down to 12 square meters.

I remember when I was at university and meeting a girl in one of those rooms. And anyway if we go closer, you can see basically, they're very compact. You've got two, three, four bedroom units. Now, this building has the most, which is 138. Anzac Ave having 156 apartments. And this one being at 133 Beach Road, having 163 apartments. So this one's actually got more, but you wouldn't think it.

Anyway, hope this helps you realise where a very small leasehold land is in the Auckland CBD. So just coming out there and you'll see where you actually are - the Vector Arena, obviously Beach Road, and toward the CBD here. And it goes out about there.

Anyway, that covers the leasehold land. Feel free to look at the other podcasts I've done on where Auckland apartment leasehold lands are.

Thank you. Cheers!

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  • I wonder whether you know the value of my apartment at His Majesty Queen Street Auckland
    17 B?

    • No problem. I have just sent you an email regarding your Auckland Apartment. By ‘His Majesty’ I assume you mean ‘City Life’ apartments at 171 Queen Street, and the unit number (on the title) by 17B you would mean 1702?

      You should have an email in your inbox now and we can go from there 🙂

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Key Facts on University Leasehold Apartments