Is your apartment marketing getting you the right results?


The best way to tell if your apartment is being marketed well is by initially going on to Trade Me.

Check out how many photos are on your advertisement, there needs to be at least 10 top quality photos. These need to be done professionally and you will be able to tell this by comparing them to others on the website.

Then assess whether or not you are drawn into the ad or not – put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Trade Me is where all properties are sold in New Zealand and every agent uses the website.


G'day. Andrew Murray with Apartment Specialists. Today I'm going to be talking about, 'How can you tell if your apartment is being marketed to its potential?' This is a very good question and a really good one for international owners.

The best way to tell is, actually, to go online and on a website called Trade Me. Overseas, especially, I've got a whole lot of Australian owners that I work for, and in China, Russia, all over the world, England and Ireland, etcetera. How are they supposed to know what this, so called, Trade Me is? Basically, Google "Trade Me New Zealand" and go to the property section, and then look up the name of your agent and then you're going to be able to tell how your apartment is marketed. Because, there are so many examples, when I see apartments, I just think, the owner must not have seen this.

A good way to find out if your apartment has been marketed correctly, is to go online, are there more than two or three photos? Are there at least, sort of, 16, 17 photos? Are there photos of the apartment? Have they been done professionally? And - the big one - put yourself in the buyers' shoes. Would you buy that apartment? Do you like the ad? Is the ad drawing you in? Does it make you want to enquire about the apartment? That's really, really important.

Every single apartment that's been sold in New Zealand is always put on Trade Me. That is where every agent gets most of their leads from and if you're not on Trade Me, well, that's just ridiculous. There's not an agent that's not. So, you know your apartment is on it. You know that's where most of your buyers come from and you know you're going to be able to find your apartment on there.

Search your agent, you'll see your listing, and just ask yourself, 'Would I click on that listing? Would I buy it?' That kind of thing. So, pretty easy and it's a good way to tell. If you have any issues or you think that your apartment isn't being marketed to its potential, tell your agent that. Tell it how you feel because it's affecting how many enquiries you're going to get on your apartment which is going to affect the result. I hope that helps and talk soon.


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Is your apartment marketing getting you the right results?