Outlining the Extent of the Maori Leasehold Land Apartments

Apartment Specialists Podcast No: 53


This podcast provides an outline on the extent of Maori leasehold land in Auckland CBD, the various apartments found in this area, a brief description of the different types of apartments and an overview of the surrounding areas.


Good day. Andrew Murray from Apartment Specialists. Today, I'm showing you where Maori leasehold land is, and where over 1,500 apartments in the Auckland Central area lie, which are leasehold. Now, as you can see, I've put a red sort of shape around where the Maori leasehold land is. This is owned by the Ngati Whatua. There are over 10 complexes or apartment complexes in this area, starting with the Scene apartments, all the way through to the Mirage at the end.

What I'm going to do is, go through and show this area so you are aware of what buildings are on Maori leasehold land. And also, your interest in the area and that kind of thing. Let's get to it.

If you can see here, you've got the Scene apartments here. You then got the Docks here and various sizes going closer. This is actually quite poor. I'll show you better by 3D. I'll change the view. What I'm going to do is, I'm going to go from one into the other. This in here is all leasehold land, owned by the Ngati Whatua on 150 year lease. Then it goes all the way through to the end, here.

So, we'll start with the complexes at this end being the Scene Three apartments: Scene One, Scene Two, Scene Three. You've got Scene One apartments. Now, that is actually at Beach Road, and they have 134 apartments. Then you've got Scene Two apartments. It's at 18 Beach Road and it's 102 apartments. Then you've got Scene Three, which is at 30 Beach Road. There are 164 apartments in there. These apartments are obviously leasehold. They have stunning views, and actually they can't be built out because in this area they pay a component of the lease, which is your car parks and your Les Mills and at the bottom Foodtown.

The next lot, these buildings here are all commercial. You've got commercial here, but these are apartments but they are Waldorf apartments and can be purchased privately. Then you've got your Docks apartments and they are at 6 to 8 Docks Lane. There are 221 apartments in these complexes here. You get some really nice views up the top here. They've all got balconies which have a glass opening. They're really well designed.

Then as you go through here, you've got more commercial and then you've got what you call your Hudson Brown apartments. They are very, very spacious. Looking over this park here and with the Vector Area. That's where we have all our concerts - your Guns and Roses, your Lady Gaga or whoever, when they come to Auckland. And the Hudson Brown on 57 Mahuhu Crescent. And there are 130 apartments here.

Then you've got the old historical railway building, which is actually really stunning. If I show you actually from this end here, and if I go round again. Actually the front is here. So, this is where we used to go to, where we used to catch the trains. And obviously it changed. It's all been turned into apartments. Anyway, so I'll just move over that, put it through back to where we were. Now, there are over 230 apartments in the Railway Campus. It's often referred as the American Embassy as a bit of a joke because a lot of American students stay there. And so, it's not really owner occupier stuff. It's more for income and that kind of thing.

Now next, you have your Landings apartments. Now, your Landings apartments are at 8 Ronayne and 10 Ronayne. This being 10 Ronayne here, and this being 8 Ronayne. There are 205 apartments combined. 8 Ronayne generally sells a bit more of the units. They're a bit more spacious, and have, I suppose, untapped views. Then you come along here and you've got your Parnell Terraces. Now, these are three stories. There's 83 in this lot here. They are all three stories and they've got a car park underneath and they have two or three bedrooms. Then over here, there's a lot of land that's just really car parks and old railways or currently used railways. Then, you've got your other lot of Parnell Terraces here. There's about 115 here. Now if I zoom in, you can actually see the configurations. You can see like here, you've got your car park, you've got your two bedrooms. Actually, two bedrooms and a kitchen and the lounge on the second floor. And then the third bedroom at the end or a double garage - one of the two options.

And then you've got the Mirage. Now, I really like the Mirage here. These have got stunning views, really spacious apartments. The facilities are fantastic. If you actually look here, you've got a tennis court. And the Mirage has 124 apartments, and is at 86 to 88 on The Strand. You see actually a pool here that comes down to a river, sort of like a little spa pool. What I'll do is, I'll show you from the other view. It's actually pretty cool, so you can see here. You've got the pool here that goes to another pool, that goes to a little river, that comes down to a spa pool. It is pretty cool, some of these.

Now, that basically gets to the end. I've got a few more, I'll just zoom out of that. And as you go back down Quay Street, you've got a few apartments up the top here which are leasehold above the shops. And you've got your cabs which you can get to the station, etc. And then we zoom it. And that's your Maori leasehold land. So, what we just did, is we went from the Scene apartments all the way through to the Mirage, and then back down here Quay Street. So now what I'm going to do next, that is the Maori leasehold land. That has over 1,500 apartments, which makes up almost half of all the leasehold apartments in Central Auckland. The next biggest area of land is your Viaduct Holdings Ltd, which is your Viaduct Basin. That is what I'll be going over next, in the next podcast. Hopefully, this has educated you a bit more on what's on Maori leasehold land, specifically apartments.


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  • hey I want to know about the leasehold issues for custom street west light quay etc etc What happens at end of 21years The right is in perpetuity so what happens in 21 years

    I understand the ground rent is reviewed to land only value

    • Hi Blair no worries,

      You are correct the lease is perpetual so keeps on rolling over. It actually goes for 999 years which is as long as a perpetual lease can run for.
      The land under Lighter Quay is owned by Viaduct Harbor Holdings Limited and the lease of all the complexes including Ligher Quay is reviewed every 7 years with the next one taking place in 2017.

      And again you are correct the land all the apartments sit on is valued at what is called ‘bare land value’ or ‘unimproved’ which means what has been built on the land has no relevance to it’s value.

      So the lease will continue for centuries to come with the lease component each complex or apartments has to pay being reviewed every 7 years.

      Does this answer your question?

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Outlining the Extent of the Maori Leasehold Land Apartments