What Kind of Apartment Marketing Works?

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Okay, so we’re going to go to Trade Me here and we’re going to search for apartments. City centre because that’s where most apartments are. Any property type: apartments. Bedrooms: two. And search.

Now what we are going to do is we’re not going to look into resulting marketing from the ones coming out in the last couple of days. Because it’s not going to show us what marketing actually works.

What we’re looking at, as I’ve mentioned before, is comparing this marketing from that marketing and what’s the result.

As I’ve mentioned before and I’ll mention again. More ads, and more clicks on your ads means more leads, more leads means more views, more views means more contracts. It means high prices.

So let’s go down to probably a week ago. 10 days somewhere around here.

So here’s a listing with one photo. As I’ve mentioned last time, a listing with one photo compared to a listing with say for example a listing here with 12 photos is going to have a much higher click rate. There’s far more leads in the future here.

So lets go to Havoc on Hobson. Okay so there’s one photo, it doesn’t show you much. 683 Views. So 683 people come in and look the same photo and thought to possibly inquire.

Okay let’s talk about another one. Here we go, another one. First Home Buyer or Excellent Investment Opportunity. We've got four photos, so a few more.

As a buyer, they come along and click here, they can see it themselves. What can you see? The apartment or the building. And this was done on the 30th of May, two weeks ago.

You know the first week is the most important time to get your inquiries. 982. So more obviously because it has been around bit longer but really not much at all. They’re having the auction next week.

Now here is an example of a trader. Now a trader is somebody who buys an apartment and then sells it for profit. Most of their properties are actually from real estate agents. We personally don’t sell to traders but what they do is a great example of how you make a profit.

They are able to sell to buyers $15,000 to $20,000 above what they pay for it. They are trying to make a profit. When you look at the images, they look great. Professional, you want to buy, it’s making it look the best.

Let me look at the views, 2,478. I mean that speaks for itself. When is it? Over two weeks ago? Probably you should also know that, there are traders. A lot of people have been looking for a while, so often, they don’t want to buy because they know they would be buying at a premium. Meanwhile, what it does show is how they have marketed this apartment.

Okay so let’s go down and get to the crux of it. Let’s look at one of my listing’s here. But let’s go to one that’s even further, this one at 900. This one was done on the 10th of June.

Back here were from the 6th, and the one I’m looking at was the 30th and "Never Again 1946". Very good headline, 14 photos, I’m going to click through here, first look at that. Photos. Professional picture. Talk with the photographer to make it look as big as possible and there’s a lot of things here, we will talk about that in another podcast. Writing the text, how you write it, that kind of thing. It sold for a record price as of yesterday.

Meanwhile let’s look at the hits. 2697. So it has the most hits in the least amount of time than any apartment on this page.

Now that is very remarkable, but it’s not actually remarkable. It’s very simple. It’s just about marketing and it comes down first of all to: professional photos and probably, how you market, probably how you position it. What’s the title called. I mean, this is what I love. It’s about lead capture. That’s what this is about. This is about marketing. That’s what you pay us for. To bring in the most leads and then get those leads and create a perception, a very large perception of how you're doing that and how do you make it look good.

I’ll give you an example with this and I see it time and time again. This one was just on the 6th of June. Just recently. Look at this there’s text but look at the photography. I mean this was the professional photography. And if you’re the buyer, would you want to look at that?

I mean it’s how you work with the tenants. It’s how you create a relationship with them. You say look, I want to annoy you the least amount possible and the way I can do this is to sell as quickly as possible with the highest price at the quickest amount of time for the vendor with the least amount of stress. I don’t want to stress you out, you don't want to be around in your apartment 24/7 so let’s get some good photos so I can sell it quicker and get that value up.

And there would always... my times with the tenants, they would always cooperate with you because they want to help you. Because I don’t want them to be out of their apartment. It’s uneasy for them. And you would want them to like you.

It was 6th of June, 2000 and something, lot of hits down to 605 hits. Now if you ask me, I mean this is one of things, selling price, three good units that were presented well. Now if you ask me, how many was it? 605 hits. In my opinion, it’s all about marketing you make up for sale.

Talk to you soon and thank you for listening. Cheers!

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What Kind of Apartment Marketing Works?