What about my tenants? Will they move out?

As an apartment owner looking to sell, concerns if your tenants will move out or make it difficult for buyers to come around and view the apartment might be bubbling up. And you don’t want them to move out and leave you high and dry, either! That’s costly for you. Apartment Specialists knows this bit of the process needs to be as smooth as possible.


One of the biggest fears for an owner is that selling or thinking about selling will scare away their tenant.

While this is a valid concern it should need be.

The key to looking after tenants is the relationship. Not just so they co-operate during the sale process but to ensure they are happy and your income (rent) isn’t affected.

Tenants want to feel like they are respected and are looked after during the process of selling.

This is a must from an agents point of view as they are also the gate keepers. If they are not happy access is often restricted and so we have a very strict process to ensure this doesn’t occur….it often involves a bottle of wine or two.

The key take away here is to ensure your communication is open and frequent, ensuring they know exactly what is happening throughout out the process and that they are educated on their legal rights.

Remember just like owners they are scared too and so must be looked after.

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What about my tenants? Will they move out?