How can I file a complaint against a real estate agent?


We urge you to file a complaint against your real estate agent if you believe that they are not working in your best interests.

Your first option is to file a complaint through the agency or company you have been using. They should have procedures in place to ensure complaint is taken seriously.

If your problem is not resolved and you feel there is still an issue you can take your complaint one step further.

You can do this by looking up the REAA which stands for the Real Estate Agents Authority and download a form to make a formal complaint. This will be looked into and if any wrong doings are found the agent may be reprimanded or worse lose their license.


Good day, Andrew Murray from the Apartment Specialists. Today, I'm talking to you about how you can make a complaint about a real estate agent.

Now, I urge you all, that if you do come across a real estate agent that's not working in your best interests, i.e. it's not putting the industry in a good light. I urge you, please make a complaint.

Now, how do you make these complaints? There are two ways. First of all, what you first do, is you complain through the agency. Now, by law, every agency or company, for example you have one, have a complaint's procedure. This means you can go straight to the manager or the owner, and talk about why you feel this real estate agent is not working in your best interests. Then, there's a whole procedure working with you on, firstly looking at: What did the real estate agent do? How can we fix that? Should there be compensation involved? And how can we stop this from happening again?

Now, if you're not happy with the result of that or what the results that the agency made and that you've complained to. You're not happy with how they've dealt with it. Then, what I'd do is, I'd Google REAA, which is the Real Estate Institute Authority. And there you can download a form, and make a formal complaint to the authorities. They will look that up and investigate it. If any wrongdoing is found, what they'll do is, they'll obviously, reprimand the agent, and he could lose his licence.

The reason why I urge you to do this is, because obviously, I had education. I had a degree; all that kind of thing. My parents wanted me to be an accountant or a lawyer, and I became a real estate agent. At first, my parents were a little bit - specifically my mum was a little bit - disappointed, I suppose. But they're very proud of me now. But it's because of the stigma that being a real estate agent has. If done properly, and you work in the best interests of your clients, that shouldn't have it. So the reason why I urge you to do so, is my dream one day, that when I say, I do what I do, people don't go, Oh. If you if know what I mean?

Anyway, talk to you next week. Hope that answers your question, and we'll talk soon.

Cheers! Bye!

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How can I file a complaint against a real estate agent?