How safe is it to live in an apartment?


In short – it is very safe to live in an apartment. With the security required to enter the building and cameras operating at all times it can be much safer than living in a house.

Apartments are secured with swipes or pin codes. There are usually always multiple cameras around too. Many lifts have swipes and these are limited to what floors you may enter.

With living up high the windows can’t be checked either, for valuables prior to the burglars entering a building. Then the process of taking the valuables becomes tricky as there are stairs, lifts, carparks and so on involved. So more often than not it is not easy and worth the burglar’s time.


Good day, Andrew Murray here from the Apartment Specialists. How safe is it to live in an apartment complex?

Now, that's what's so funny? It's ridiculously safe. So safe that I live in apartments for years, and I leave my door unlocked. It's like I live in the country. Now, only thing about it, in regards to somebody wanting to say - put yourself in the shoes of an intruder and think, "Okay, for them to get into an apartment, what do they had to do?"

If you think about it, first of all, they've got to get into the complex, and they either have to swipe or pin a code. All the apartment complexes have a little CCTV in the building and they're being filmed while they're doing it. Anyway, let's say they follow someone in and they get in. Then with 60% of the apartment complexes you have a swipe to take you in the lift, but in most cases that swipe will only take you to a particular floor. Let's say they follow somebody up and get into a particular floor. Then they've got to decide which apartment they're going to go into.

When you look at burglaries or assaults, people generally case out where they're going to go. If it's a female,  then they know where that female lives. If it's a house, then they know that security systems are not that good, or they know what they want to steal. Now in an apartment, they don't have a crane that they can go up and check out every single window. It's simply too hard and then you think about it; okay, let's say they get into this apartment.

You have all these valuables, and how are they going to get out? You're talking about only very small things they can move, because you've got to take them down the hallway, then down in the lift without anybody seeing you. You can't go down the car park way because you'd have to have a remote to get out the door. So, you'd have to go out the front entrance, all the while being on a camera.

It's simply too difficult and too hard, and then what? You have a car waiting outside on the street where there's no car parks. Just laying there. I mean, it's just too difficult. That is why I don't know the exact statistics but I'd have to say that there'd be less crime in an apartment complex than there would be in even the nicest suburbs in Auckland, just simply because it's too difficult.

Anyway, I hope that helps and apartment living, it may lack the backyard, but if you've got a park nearby, it doesn't matter. But what makes up is obviously in the convenience and peace of mind. Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists.

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How safe is it to live in an apartment?