What is an Apartment Proxy Form?


A proxy form is a way of you being able to have your say when you cannot attend the annual general meeting of your apartment complex. You may give a representative of whom you trust or who lives in the complex to have your say for you. This can be if you have items to address or if voting for something in particular the person holding your proxy form may vote on your behalf.


What is an apartment proxy form? Good day, it's Andrew Murray from Apartment Specialists. In this podcast we will be talking about proxy forms. These are the forms that enable you to have your say at an annual general meeting, which is the meeting that discusses  matters about your apartment complex.

A proxy form is a way of you being able to have your say when you cannot attend the annual general meeting of your apartment complex. And there are two forms with which this can be done.

One, which is the first one here. As you can see here, it is when an owner nominates a person to attend the AGM and vote on their behalf. Generally, it would have been a discussion with the owner and the person who is attending the AGM. In this case, it was me and  what is going to be discussed at that meeting. How they wanted to vote and if they want to voice an opinion on anything they think that needs to be brought to light.

Here you can see, it has got the date that it's attended, the name, their unit number, and obviously the person's address who actually owns the unit. This person comes from overseas and they gave me their proxy to attend an AGM on their behalf to represent their interests. Their unit was 4H and the representative is me and that's the date. That's also their signature and it's pretty simple.

Another way of doing the proxy form which enables you to actually vote on what they call motions or decisions that are being made in that AGM. Now, in the previous broadcast which I talked about what happens when you can't attend an AGM and use a proxy form. I gave an example of what happens if there's a decision where these people want to rebuild the pool and they want to have it completely be heated. For example, this overseas owner may not want that to occur because they're not going to be able to use the pool. And they don't live in the particular apartment complex. There will be decisions that needs to be made and so on that decision they want to vote no.

What happens here is that this one is for another complex, where an owner who was not an owner-occupier gave me their proxy form. They allowed me to represent them on their behalf. But what they have done is, they have also put down what their decisions are. So, there was going to be a resolution here and in this case it was as per agenda item. On the agenda that was posted out, there will be a decision and this one is for that decision or against it.

They were for all the decisions being made on the top part of the agenda. They have signed it and put the date there. Obviously that is their signature and all that kind of thing. The details and other important information about expiration. I hope that helps. That is basically the two forms of how a proxy form comes out, which enables you to have your say at an annual general meeting if you're unable to attend.

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What is an Apartment Proxy Form?