Achieve a Worry-free and Profitable Auckland Apartment Sale

Apartment Specialists Podcast No: 9


We'll be talking about the various methods and strategies real estate agent use to earn the highest commission in selling properties. But I will enumerate the facts that a lot of real estate agents don't realise. Achieve a worry-free Auckland apartment sale. Get the facts on this podcast.


Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists.

Now the average real estate agent only earns $35,000 a year. When you think that commission opportunities in selling property whether it's 10, 15 or 20 thousand dollars, do you think it affects how they think? Of course it does.

Now, put yourself in their shoes. If the average real estate agent is earning around $35,000 and you've got an opportunity in front of you that represents a good chunk of that, do you think they are going to be thinking “let's get the deal done or let's get the deal done the best way possible?” Now you be the judge in regards to that, but I think that's pretty obvious. And that's a problem.

What a lot of real estate agents don't realise is that this is not about the deal right now. It’s about the deal - a thousand deals down the track. That one thousands apartments that I sell - that's what I think about every single time I sell a property. And the reason why? It’s because the deal I'm doing now communicates to other owners, to referrals, through proving to other owners that gets the highest prices. The deal I do now brings me the next deal, and the next deal, and the next deal.

So what I am talking about? I'm talking about today's point number six, regarding 10 reasons why Auckland apartment owners lose thousands of dollars in selling their apartment. And this one is about the sales process. The reason why I'm going to cover the sales process is so that you know what are you paying an agent to do. Have they actually invested in their own business? Not only that they're the franchise because that's just bums on seats. Do they have their own personal assistant? That would be the number one thing. Why? Because 80% of the average agent's time has to be spent looking for more business. They're not doing the job that they are actually getting being paid for.

So for example, question one, what are you paying them to do? They should be investing in their own business as a single business and having an assistant doing the $5, $10, $15 jobs, the paperwork, the flyers all that. You and your agents, look into the buyers, bringing them back, dealing with them, doing open homes, doing extra viewings. Getting back to that extra time to get that extra $5,000 $10,000, $15,000 for you.

So when choosing an agent, you want to get inside their business. Do they have their own personal assistant? How do they do their business? How do they get record sales prices in your building? How do they do it? What is the method of sale they use? That's a big one and I'll talk about it in a couple of days.

So what I want you to take onboard today is regarding - looking at an agent to represent you. It makes a huge difference. And point number 6 of 10 points is about - are you paying them to actually work for you or are you paying for them to look for more business? And one of the easiest ways to tell that is to have a personal assistant that takes care of all that other stuff for them. Because at the end of the day, you're employing them to be using their mouth and their brains to sell your apartment.

Okay. So next week, I'm going to be talking about what's the best way to sell your Auckland CBD apartment. Looking at statistics, the proof, what are the charts? How the best price is being achieved, and in an upward market and a downward market.

When it's booming, when there is a bubble, it is actually just steps that actually show you what is the best way to sell and what ways are being used to sell despite this. Now it's very different to the housing market and I think you’re going to be very surprised. I look forward to talking to you about it in a couple of days. Anyway, if you haven’t already downloaded the report, I was talking about point 6 today. Go to, that’s and you will clearly see the 10 mistakes report to the right and download it today and look forward to next week. Cheers.

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Achieve a Worry-free and Profitable Auckland Apartment Sale