7 tasks to do before moving into your new apartment


Tasks prior to moving in consist of: re-reading the Body Corporate minutes, contact the building manager, make the Body Corporate and building manger aware of your moving details and introduce yourself to the chairman of the committee.

You do need to do a few things prior to moving into your new apartment. Firstly, re-read your Body Corporate rules. This will remind and inform of what procedures may be in place when moving day arrives.

Contact the building manager- update them with when you moving details.

Ask them the best energy supplies for the building, this can be different to a house.

If there is a loading bay – see where it is, this will help make your life easier when moving.

Ask about the lifts and if there are covers to protect both furniture and the lift.

Make sure the Body Corporate and building manger have your contact details in case of emergencies.

Introduce yourself either in person or by phone to the chairman.


Good day, Andrew Murray here from Apartment Specialists. You are moving into your new apartment and you have got several things you need to do.

Now first, you probably should have already done this, but re-read the body corporate rules. This will help you or stop you making a fool of yourself. Also, doing things that are quite basic, where if you weren't aware of it, you can easily make a mistake. You know, certain ways you have to move in, and certain things you have to do, because every building is specific.

Number two is to contact the building manager. There is nothing worse for a complex or a building manager to have people moving in without them knowing. Contact the building manager and ask first of all, "Who's the best power supplier?" Because there are different companies that serve different buildings. Different connections and different kind of meters. Some are better than others. In the CBD, it's very different. Often some do not have meter-readers.

Number three, if you do not have a car park and even if you do have a car park, you need ask when you can use the loading bay. If there is one or a spare car park to help you move all your stuff into your apartment.

Number four is in the lift. What a lot of people do not realise is, especially not in the nicer-buildings. They actually have covers  that hang upon the outside of the lifts, or also from the inside of the lifts. They do it to protect the lifts and these need to be put on.

Also, when is the best time to move in? Because you do not want to be blocking the lift at peak time between 8:00 and 9:00 while everybody's trying to get to work. That is going to not make you very popular. And obviously you want to move in and make friends.

Anyway, make sure you ask advice on that. Number six is to make sure you give your emergency contact details to the building manager and the body corporate. Now, that is just because they may need to get hold of you, and certain things might happen if you go on holiday.

Number seven is get the chairman's details. Give him a quick call and introduce yourself. If you have any questions, ask him. That way, you have got someone you can deal with directly regarding your building. If things happen over your building, or if you are unsure of that you may want to be approved.

You can always give your feedback to the chairman or go to the committee. Then, if you want to take one step further, you can ask to be on the committee of your body corporate.

Anyway, hope that helps, and yes, happy moving in.

Cheers, Bye!

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7 tasks to do before moving into your new apartment